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A Born Storyteller...

The seed for Kristina Yuen’s voice-over adventures was planted in second grade when she wondered who got to narrate all the cool science videos and audio short stories, and how she could be the one to do it when she grew up…

Since then, Kristina has obtained a BA in acting and trained professionally for voice over.  She has enjoyed narrating everything from fairy tales and other stories for kids to corporate training materials for major companies such as Microsoft, Owens Corning, and more. Kristina has also voiced many radio and TV spots, website videos, video game characters, history courses, audiobooks, and a couple of documentary films.

Warm, mature, informative, or outrageous…. Name your voice and Kristina will work with you to create your perfect teacher, tot, mom or Martian. From straight narration to the completely strange, book Kristina Fuller Yuen for engaging voice work and clean audio files.

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Voice Acting
Script Writing & Editing
Voice Direction

Kristina's Voice... marketable around the world.

Kristina's Voice has been heard in 28 US states, Washington DC, 2 Canadian provinces, and counting...
Who in the World hires Kristina's Voice?
  • AcrobatAnt
  • Alawar Friday Games
  • Apex Learning
  • Arrowhead Films
  • Bilderish Studios
  • Biz Media
  • BK Sherer
  • Braun Film
  • Bridgehead Productions
  • Canadian Standards Association
  • Clutch
  • CMTV Productions
  • Column 5 Media
  • Design Lab
  • Destination Marketing
  • dojoe
  • Dynamic Language
  • eMedia Music
  • Euthika
  • FifteenFour
  • Flying Lab
  • Freejam
  • Global Star Productions
  • Growthwise Group
  • Grumo Media
  • Hawthorne Direct
  • HMH
  • Intel Studios
  • Intake Studios
  • iPlay
  • ISHRA7
  • Kersh Health
  • Killer Infographics
  • Kornhaber Brown
  • KW McCabe
  • Lala & Boom
  • Lala Corriere
  • Live Hive
  • Metcom
  • Michael Cuddy Media
  • Mithun
  • MiniPoliglotini
  • Mr. Squiggle
  • National Science Foundation
  • Nuvelocity
  • Orange Mirror
  • Overkill Software
  • Peppershock Media
  • Pollinator Films
  • R2C Group
  • Red Cross
  • Sharon Linnea
  • Sherpa Pictures
  • Simon House
  • SourceBooks
  • Special Bit
  • Studio Red Dot
  • Swipea Books
  • The History Factory
  • The PPS Group
  • TheAK Group
  • ThisIsRed
  • Towne Group
  • Treehouse Group
  • Trigger Global
  • Visual Image Advertising
  • VIT software
  • Viva Creative
  • VMG Studio 520
  • You+We
  • And more…
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